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Developing a ”pasteurization with rapid cool” system helped one of Process Design’s customers improve their production.
Process Vessels and units
Process Design have developed a number of lab scale and production vessels and units incl. high shear mixing, rapid melting, pressure, vacuum and process control system.

Fluidbed screens

Retrofit of fluidbed screens tio a number of fluidbed types.

Fluid beds
Process Design have designed laboratory and production scale fluidbed systems for the food and pharma industry. New fluidbed screens can be designed and supplied.
Spray driers
Process Design have significant experience in the design and fabrication of spray drying systems.
Pressure vessels
Process Design can design and fabricate vessels to P.E.D 97/23/EC and carrying the CE mark when required.
Custom fittings
Custom solutions do not always mean complete new systems, Process Design can develop custom fittings to address individual needs.
Process Design is together with Ibus Innovation developing a new type of distillation unit that reduces needed energy significantly comparred to urrent state of the art.